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The International Coronelli-Society Prize for Encouragement of Globestudies

Statutes of the International Coronelli Society Prize for the Encouragement of Globe Studies:

  1. Starting in 2006, the International Coronelli Society for the Study of Globes is offering a prize in the amount of euro 500,00 as encouragement to globe studies.
  2. The prize will go to authors of scientific studies on globes or cartography dealing with globology in the widest sense. Papers submitted must not be older than two years. Application is open to authors who have not yet started their 35th year of life.
  3. International Coronelli Society Board members are excluded from participation.
  4. The papers may be written in German or English. They must reach the International Coronelli Society secretariat (c/o Mr. Jan Mokre, Austrian National Library, Globe Museum, Josefsplatz no. 1, 1015 Vienna, Austria) not later than 1st November. Two bound copies of the respective paper are to be submitted. The documents presented will remain with the Coronelli Society.
  5. The prize selection committee will consist of the International Coronelli Society's President (or the President's statutory deputy) and two further persons nominated by the Society's Board. Referees of diploma theses or dissertations submitted for the prize cannot serve on the selection committee. However, in regard of the scientific character of submitted diploma theses or dissertations (according to paragraph b), the prize selection committee may follow the academic referees's judgement. The selection committee will decide on the winner by simple majority, within six months.
  6. Funds for the prize come from the International Coronelli Society budget.
  7. The prize is formally awarded at a ceremony organised by the Coronelli Society during which the winner will give a presentation on his or her prize-winning study.





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